Belleville to purchase former Lindenwood-Belleville campus


After 2020, all undergraduate programs on the Belleville campus were consolidated to the St. Charles campus.
Photo by Kayla Drake in 2019.

Dominic Hoscher, Sports Editor

The City of Belleville, Illinois, has agreed to purchase Lindenwood-Belleville’s former campus back from Lindenwood University.

It has been reported by other media that the price of the purchase will be $3 million. The price was not stated in the Belleville press release

The Belleville City Council unanimously approved the purchase in its meeting on Monday, Aug. 2. This includes the renovated school buildings and property, and the surrounding parcels that have been developed with dormitories and parking lots.

“The City of Belleville certainly looks forward to planning the future of the former Lindenwood campus, so it is utilized to its full potential,” Belleville Mayor Patty Gregory said in the press release.

In 2003, Lindenwood bought the property from the city for $1. It was turned into a 

campus, which included a dormitory and several men’s and women’s athletic teams. Recently, Lindenwood had also sold off several houses near the campus that were used for student housing. 

Lindenwood announced in 2019 that it would close classes for full-time students as a result of losing around $2.5 million to $3 million a year. 

More details will be included when they become available.