COVID-19 booster shots coming to Missouri; SSM offering boosters


Photo by Alexis Montgomery

Signs posted on the doors of J. Scheidegger Center telling students, faculty, and other visitors to wear a mask inside the building.

Alexis Montgomery, Reporter

The CDC met for a panel to discuss when a COVID-19 third booster shot will be available to the public.  

Local health officials in Missouri said vaccinations may be the only way out of the pandemic, and booster shots can increase protection against the virus.  

Booster shots will be especially beneficial to those with compromised immune systems or previous illnesses.  

“If somebody had a kidney transplant, they may not have the immunity to boost themselves up. So there would be a benefit of getting a third dose to try to increase that antibody protection,” Doctor Mano Patri, infectious disease specialist for SSM Health, said. 

Patri said SSM Health will be offering booster shots to the public when they become available in Missouri, but the main focus right now is getting a higher percentage of the population vaccinated with first doses.  

“What will most benefit people is more people getting vaccinated because the whole reason for boosting is because there’s so much virus present,” Patri said. “If we vaccinate more and more of our population, less and less exposure occurs. 

Out of all age groups, unvaccinated young adults are currently the highest hospitalized group for COVID-19.  

Patri emphasized the virus is very much real, and it can infect anyone– no matter the age.  

“I have a 22-year-old in the hospital, who plays volleyball and baseball and has no immune problems, and is currently requiring oxygen and has been in the hospital for four weeks,” Patri said.  

When the booster shot is available, it will be released in the same phases as the first doses, with college aged students being in the last group. 

Some college students may be interested in the booster shot.  

“I am fully vaccinated and I would consider getting the third vaccine in eight months,” senior Addasyn Zeller said. 

The CDC is expected to make the decision on a full rollout of the COVID-19 booster shots in September.