Lindenwood’s plans for Young Hall


Photo by Eva Laurens

An outside look at Young Hall on the old side of Lindenwood University’s campus in St. Charles on Nov. 30, 2021. Young Hall includes an auditorium, classrooms, and labs.

Eva Laurens, Reporter

Young Hall, a building located on the old side of campus, holds class rooms, labs, and a movie theatre.

On the outside, the building has no noticeable issues but according to Senior Vice President Diane Moore, Young Hall is in need of renovation.

“This summer we will replace the roof and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in Young Hall,” Senior Vice President Diane Moore said. “The roof and the heating and cooling systems are old and inefficient.”

These plans for Young Hall are important for the safety of Lindenwood’s students and faculty, and they will improve the quality of the building.

“Replacement will improve the learning climate within the existing building,” Moore said.

As well as changing the HVAC system and replacing the roof, Lindenwood has other plans for Young Hall.

Young Hall is a building that has the capacity to welcome a new program, so Lindenwood plans on adding a space to welcome science majors.

“There are future plans to renovate the interior of Young Hall and add an addition to provide state of the art STEM programming for our Science related majors,” Moore said.

This plan for Young Hall is not an emergency so there is no confirmation as to when this addition to the building is going to be added yet.

“There is no specific time-frame to begin this construction.”