Friends and Family remember Lindenwood student Valiante Waltz

Valiante Waltz was supposed to start his senior year at Lindenwood University.

Valiante Waltz was supposed to start his senior year at Lindenwood University.

Eva Laurens, News Editor

Lindenwood student Valiante Waltz of Raymore, Missouri died last week.

Waltz was about to start his senior year and graduate with a bachelor in musical theater at Lindenwood.

“V was a performer at heart,” friend Ian Fleming said. “He loves making people laugh, making people smile, moving them to tears.”

Fleming explained how his presence was appreciated.

“He had the voice of an angel and the looks and charisma to match,” Fleming said. “Even though it’s cliché, he was the guy that never really met a stranger.”

Waltz’s friend Erin Vlasak said he was a good person to be around.

“He was hilarious and so good at everything he did including singing, theater, devoting himself to church, and being intentional with his friends,” Vlasak said. “He made Rob Riggle laugh in front of hundreds of people.”

Valiante Waltz and friend Erin Vlasak when they graduated high school.

Vlasak also shared a memory she has with Waltz.

“We used to have hangouts in my basement with our friends in high school,” Vlasak said. “Without a fail he would crack jokes and the entire room would belly laugh.”

Friends describe their friendship with Valiante as important.

“V had no idea how much his friendship meant to people, including me,” Vlasak said. “I have zero bad memories of him and that is why it hurts so much.”

His sister Song Verdouw explains how the family is dealing with Waltz’s death.

“Valiente and I grew up with the same friends, talents, and interests. He was half my world. Then we left home and adulthood swept him away,” Verdouw said. “It’s a tragedy, but I know he loved God and he’s home now, so we are just doing our best to be happy with the time we had with him and holding on to each other.”

Vlasak said Waltz knew how to make his friends feel special.

“He was one of the good ones,” Vlasak said. “I wish we were able to make him feel as special as he did for us.”

Waltz and his only son Elliot Charles Waltz.

A celebration of his life is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 3 at 11 a.m.

The service will take place at Forerunner Church located at 12444 Grandview Rd., in Grandview, Missouri.

A fundraiser and Venmo account was created by Waltz’s parents, sister and brother in law. Verdouw said that his family invites the community to contribute towards that fundraiser. The money raised will be going to his only son, Elliot Charles Waltz.

“He was beautiful and his voice mattered to so many of us,” Verdouw said.