The Excitement of the Uproar


Photo by Grace Markel

The Uproar sign above the student section at Harlen C. Hunter Stadium.

Grace Markel, Reporter

A new organization called “The Uproar” has been created to boost the positive atmosphere in the student section at sporting events following Lindenwood University’s transition to Division I over the summer.

On Aug. 17, the Instagram Uproar account posted the exciting news.

“We wear black and gold. We get hyped. We lose our voice. We come early and stay late.”

They later announced that Spencer Goldberg and Dylann Metheney were going to be the official student section leaders for The Uproar.

“I wanted to be one of The Uproar Student Section Leaders for my love of sports. If anyone knows me, I am a very loud, passionate fan of all my favorite sports teams,” Goldberg said. “When the opportunity arose to be a part of building the foundation for the next Student Section for Lindenwood, it was a no-brainer for me to be a part of The Uproar.”

Metheney wants everyone to feel included and welcome.

“I have always been high-spirited at athletic events, and I want to be able to inspire students to get out of their shells, have fun, get loud, and have an amazing college experience,” Metheny said. “There are so many people who get excluded because they are not student-athletes, but I wanted to be able to create an environment where everyone is welcome and can have a great time.”

The first home football game was quickly approaching, and The Uproar announced that they would be giving away free T-shirts to a few of the first students to arrive at the Harlen C. Hunter Stadium.

The day of the game came, and students were lined up at the entrance to get into Harlen C. Hunter Stadium.

During the game, the student section was alive with pride and excitement.

“The first HOME football game of the season was an absolute success,” Metheny said. “The energy was like that of the NFL Superbowl! I was so proud to stand in front of all the screaming fans knowing I had a part in all the smiles and great times that night.”

Goldberg explained how impressed he was with the student section at the game.

“Being a senior, I have been to many football games throughout my time at Lindenwood, and I can honestly say it was the best student section environment I have ever been a part of,” Goldberg said. “The student section was packed, shoulder to shoulder, absolutely insane with energy, and truly something I only could have dreamed of when we created The Uproar.”

In past years, not a lot of students attended any of the sporting events on campus. Goldberg saw a difference between games from past years and games from this year.

“The student section has been nowhere near rowdy with the amount of energy we had versus Keiser,” Goldberg said. “Furthermore, the turnout for other sporting events other than football has been something we as The Uproar want to change the narrative on and we believe this is just the beginning of the greatest for our student section.”

Metheny and Goldberg will not be traveling with Lindenwood’s sports teams for now, but it is something that could be considered in the future.

“I am sure once Uproar is more established, we will travel with teams. However, while we are still in the early days of establishing a brand and culture at Lindenwood, we will be staying home,” Metheny said.

Both Matheney and Goldberg want to have more of a presence at all sporting events.

“We are building a culture that students are going to want to be a part of,” Goldberg said.

The Uproar has already made an impact on Lindenwood University, and they are excited to keep things going and make things the best they can be for all students.