Lindenwood students to pay new fee, starting fall 2023


Photo by Ben Blizzard

Lindenwood’s Business office located by Library and Academic Resources Center.

Sofiya Melnychuk, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this semester, Lindenwood’s President John Porter announced the tuition and fees for the 2023-24 school year, introducing the new One Fee bill for all traditional undergraduate students. 

Lindenwood’s Assistant Vice President and University Spokesperson Julee Mitsler said the introduction of the  One Fee bill helps to clearly distinguish instructional costs and support costs. In previous years, services such as printing, parking, and facility use were included in operating costs. After reviewing the expenses, Lindenwood made the decision to introduce the One Fee bill, due to the increased costs of campus services. 

“We cannot continue to simply increase tuition to offset these growing costs and therefore we need to separate out our direct educational expenses from student support expenses,” Mitsler said. 

Here is the full list of services and utilities that the One Fee bill includes:

  • Academic fees
  • 24/7 technology support
  • Student activities and home sporting events
  • Orientation
  • Campus parking permit
  • On-campus healthcare
  • Printing
  • Laundry (beginning in fall 2023, both commuter students will have access to use Evans Commons laundry facility as well)
  • 24/7 tutoring

One Fee does NOT cover:

  • Books and course materials
  • Some specialized courses
  • Certain academic programs’ charges (paramedicine, student teaching, and applied music courses)

During the research, the university considered sticking to the original individual fees for the services. However, after completing the industry research, Lindenwood made the decision to implement the One Fee bill next semester. 

“It became clear that developing the One Fee was the right choice,” Mitsler said. “In a review of comparable institutions, we also found that many [universities] follow similar practices and therefore reaffirmed the decision to move forward.” 

Mitsler said Lindenwood plans to upgrade student technology offerings, expand mental health services, enhance advising and tutoring services, and add more on-campus activities for all students.