Off season: What to watch this summer

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Natalie Ruiz | Lindenlink Reporter

During the regular school year, we battle between classwork, jobs and the mediocre attempt to keep up with a social life. If you are a TV and movie lover, you may have missed out from your favorite shows. After catching up with your regular favorite shows what else is there to watch?

showtime dexter
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Many of the favorites are coming back strong and ready to be watched at home or through any TV network free application. Some of them are: Falling Skies, Pretty Little Liars, Futurama, Dexter, Switched At Birth, True Blood, Big Brother (US), Being Human (UK), and Breaking Bad.

In regards to what shows will be trending, here are nine to get excited about:

amc breaking bad
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The Fosters                  ABC Family
In the Flesh                  BBC America
Under the Dome         CBS
Ray Donovan               Showtime
Being Mary Jane         BET
The Bridge                     FX
Axe Cop                         Fox
Broadchurch               BBC America
Low Winter                  AMC

After launching their instant user profile this summer, the online streaming site Netflix, offers many options. For starters, the latest seasons of popular shows and movies are now available on the platform. Some of these are: Arrested Development (new episodes), Portlandia, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.

Not many are aware of Netflix‘s original series options. Hemlock Grove, television drama series, is still fresh and going.

John Hodgman Special ‘Ragnarok’ (Television Special / Stand-up Comedy)


Orange is The New Black (Series / Comedy Drama)


If you are looking for good content and non-commercial material you should definitely try Hulu. The video on-demand site offers free and exclusive programming with their original and exclusive series library. The plus side is that you can download Hulu Plus free trial on any kind of mobile devices.

Moone Boy

Irish actor Chris O’Dowd―best  known for this appearances in BridesMaids and The IT Crowd―and David Rawle star the Irish sitcom. Season 2 will be back on July 10th. Eleven year-old Martin Moone (Rawle)  and his mid-30s imaginary, Irish friend Sean Murphy (O’Dowd) deal with everyday issues in a whole new, adventurous perspective.

To watch Moone Boy trailer go here.


The Only Way Is Essex

The reality television international hit is based on the luxurious lifestyle of real socialites residing in the British city Essex. After three series, Series four premieres on June 17th. Expect a super-size amount of high standard drama and glam.

To watch The Only Way is Essex trailer go here.


The French drama returns with it’s second season on July 19th with double ration of suspense and corruption. The officer squad’s lives will give a 360 turn.

To watch Braquo trailer go here.

The Awesomes

Saturday Night Life’s Weekend Update sensation Seth Meyers, brings the whole package into action and adventure animated cartoon. Second class and incompetent superhero, Prock (Meyer), becomes leader of his team: The Awesomes. He needs to fight the constantly challenging villains and paparazzi.

To watch The Awesomes teaser go here.

Other shows coming this summer on Hulu are:

Jun 21 Bad Girls All Star Battle
June 24 Celebrity Wife Swap
June 24 Teen Wolf

Jul 3 Princesses: Long Island
Jul 7 Burn Notice
Jul 8 Primeval: New World
Jul 8 Continuum
July 13 I’m Having Their Baby
July 13 Necessary Roughness

Aug 16 Suits
Aug 16 Covert Affairs