High school students take on digital media


MediaNowSTL’s digital media camp brought in more than 100 students from 30 area high schools. Photo credit Emily Adair

Emily Adair | Lindenlink staff

More than 100 high school students attended a digital media boot camp hosted by MediaNowSTL June 23-26 at Lindenwood University. Students were able to enroll in one of eight courses to sharpen their journalism skills.

View the students’ work at MediaNowSTL’s blog.

When Kate and Aaron Manfull started the camp three years ago, only four courses were available — broadcast, multimedia, design and web. The course offering has since expanded to include editorial leadership, mobile journalism and writing, while design was divided between newspaper and yearbook.


MediaNowSTL offered beginning and advanced broadcast to help students learn how to shoot and edit video to tell stories, using readily available equipment.

Editorial leadership was designed to strengthen the leadership skills of students in a number of positions in the field of journalism.

Mobile journalism was created to show students how to write, shoot and edit stories using tools like smartphones and iPods.

Photography students focused on telling stories through images while “ReDesign: Newspaper” and “ReDesign: Yearbook” students workshopped design ideas that they could apply to their high school publications.

Web was also offered at beginning and advanced levels, teaching students to create their own news sites using WordPress, and to adjust and improve already existing sites.

The writing students were taught to produce quality stories with a limited timeframe.

Students were given the option to earn college credit with LU for the work they completed during the four-day boot camp.