99designs: customize design hub


Sandro Perrino | Lindenlink staff

Looking for a “part-time job” as a designer? Starting a new company or enterprise and need a new logo?

If so, check out 99designs. It is among the best crowd source design websites. Through 99designs, people or enterprises launch a contest in which hundreds of designers work to create the best logo, Facebook cover, T-shirt, website or print design, affordable for all.

Here is how it works:

This is one of the best ways for a new designer to develop his or her skills, and it is FREE. Designers’ creations can be added to their portfolios, and they get paid if they win a contest.

Go to 99designs.com. Sign up. Look up for the contests that most appeal to your skills and start designing.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Check the “Design Brief” of each contest before starting work on an entry. There will be a description of what the contest launchers are looking for.
  • Leave a comment under the section of “Design Entries” to ask questions if there is not enough information in the design brief.
  • Start with contests that pay less. There is a better chance you will win because the best designers won’t spend much time on a design contest with low rewards.
  • Use video tutorials on YouTube if you ever need extra information.

Check out this video of a current logo design contest launcher: Meet Jenny

Good luck on your contests.