If your makeup can’t stand the heat . . . try these


Erica Sturdefant | Lindenlink staff

With the hottest month of the summer quickly closing in and school just around the corner, makeup that can beat the heat and last all day is just what a college girl needs. Paying out a little extra money for a quality product that lasts actually makes your money go further because it only needs to be applied once, compared with lower end products that need constant retouching.

Here’s a review of some of the best heat-resistant, long lasting products on the market. These products all have great reputations and will make getting ready in the hot summer months much easier:

Bronzer- MAC cosmetics has a new cream bronzer that is long lasting, goes on smooth and blends beautifully. But the best part is that is does not melt off and stays put. The bronzer runs around $25 and can be purchased at any MAC cosmetic stand in the mall.

Lips- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has a lifesaving lip gloss called Tar that goes on as a gloss and is also a stain. It is very light and the line has a ton of different color choices that are made for mixing to find the perfect shade. It literally takes an eyedrop to last hours. Tar costs $18 and is now sold at Sephora.

Foundation- MAC cosmetics studio fix is by far the best long lasting face product on the market; it is full coverage and can last all day. It is a little heavy and that is something to consider before purchasing. It runs around $30 and a bottle can last up to 6 months.

Setting Spray- Another favorite by MAC is in the new skin-care line, a finishing spray that sets makeup and refreshes skin. The spray gives a dewy glow when applied and will set to last for hours. The spray costs $30 and is worth every penny and will help your other makeup last longer.

Eye Primer- Urban Decay has a great product that goes on before eye shadow is applied, and will keep colors bright and lasting until late night. Several shades are offered that can also be worn by themselves. It also will keep your eyes from getting creases. It takes half an eyedrop for both eyes and will make your makeup routine so much easier. The primer is $20 and can be found at Sephora.