Pfremmer finds success in providing affordable food


Pfremmer Hall.
Photo by Jason Wiese

Michael Sprague The Legacy contributor

Featured Photo by Jason Wiese.

This story is part of the “Names that built LU” weekly series issued by The Legacy that has been profiling 28 campus buildings named after Lindenwood personnel.

Ralph Pfremmer has had what he describes as a “constant affiliation” with Lindenwood for nearly 20 years now.

“I started there as a cafeteria manager in 1993 or early in 1994,” Pfremmer said.

“Eventually I went to work for a company who outsources food and that’s similar to a company that I now own, but I never really left Lindenwood.”

Pfremmer’s company, Pedestal Foods, formerly Pfoodman, has been outsourcing food for the Lindenwood Cafeteria and other institutes since Pfremmer started the company in 2000.

Janie and Ralph Pfremmer pose outside the newly coined Pfremmer Hall. Photo courtesy of Mary Ambler Archives.
Janie and Ralph Pfremmer pose outside the newly coined Pfremmer Hall. Photo courtesy of Mary Ambler Archives.

A longtime associate of the late President Dennis Spellmann, Pfremmer mirrored aspirations to make the school more stable financially.

“I was the Spellmann years, and we were very much in the midst of watching every penny,” Pfremmer said. “It was kind of the reinvention of the school at that time.”

“I gave myself six months to kind of deal with it and the school just sucked me in.”

Pfremmer himself was enrolled in LCIE classes at the time and says a lot of the real life workshops helped his company grow.

Pfremmer also played a small role in establishing a cycling team here at LU. He downplays his involvement though, citing others with bigger contributions.

Pfremmer is also a member of the business advisory council and has established a scholarship in his father’s name.

After so many years dedicated to the university, he says being honored in this way is more than he could ask for. “I was very honored. My wife and I definitely wanted to give back to a place that has had such a meaningful impact on my life. I never take it for granted.”

“I was given the opportunity I think because I was part of that team and we figured out a way to make it happen.”

“This whole thing was just a matter of giving back. I think all the buildings and patios are all people that have been associated one way or another and giving back was just the right thing to do”.