360 degrees of the Spellmann Center renovations

Renovations in the Spellmann Center accommodated space for admissions, the business, financial aid and academic services offices.
Photo by Kayla Drake

KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

The angles

Enrollment Management, International Admissions, the Business, Financial Aid and Academic Services offices all made their official “exodus” to the Spellmann Center on Monday.

Here are views from the space and people that work in the offices:

Every employee mentioned the view of the Hunter Stadium that the new admissions area offers. The view will showcase the diverse sports teams to prospective students.

Literally everything is surrounded by glass.

Marleena Garris, freshman

Garris, who works in the Residential Life office, said the new space looks futuristic, including lots of lights and pops of color.

She also emphasized that the new view adds to the atmosphere of admissions.

“It’s kind of almost makes me want to come here more,” she said.

Amanda Lenau, a junior who also works in the Residential Life office agreed with Garris.

“Not homey, but welcoming,” she said to describe the new space.

The “one-stop” desk Terry Whittum, director of Enrollment Management, described back in the Spring of 2018 has come into existence.

It’s a nice morale booster walking into work now. You used to park and go in and go to the basement.

Charisse Sauls, Academic Services representative

Sauls, who referred to herself as the “transcript chick,” said so far most students have used the desk for Academic Services.

“It’s awesome that students can stop and take care of three different offices all in one,” she said.

For Sauls the new space is bigger and brighter. She said it is a better location than the basement of Roemer Hall, where Academic Services was previously housed.

Sauls referred to the Monday move as “the exodus,” but said it has been a smooth transition, besides small IT kinks.

Students are now able to sit in the hallway, charge phones and work on homework while waiting to be helped.

We didn’t look back. 

Toni Yeakey, Financial Aid counselor

Yeakey said the different offices get to interact more now and build relationships.

“We used to only see each other passing in the hallway,” she said.

Along with building friendships with her coworkers, Yeakey also said now she gets to see what their jobs entail, which helps her advise students better.

“A student question for me may lead to a question for the business office and they’re right next to me,” she said.

Lanzone answers a phone call to the new front desk for Enrollment Management. It features eight flatscreens behind to advertise campus events.

I have heard a lot of ‘wows.’

Kristin Lanzone, administrative assistant for Enrollment Management

Lanzone, who works the front desk, said the new space in Spellmann is an upgrade from the Welcome Center, where admissions was previously housed.

“I think it’s going to be a really good first impression,” she said. “We probably have the best view of campus right now.”

The new waiting area in admissions is spacious and provides an area for presentations for bigger tours.

[There’s] lots of natural sunlight, good for the skin.

Myron Burr, freshman admissions counselor

Burr, said it is a brand new, shiny space.

“[It provides] more open space for new students,” he said. ” [It’s] good because current students can use the space and prospective students can see it too.”

Similar to the main enrollment area, International Admissions maintains the same glass aesthetics. It is located to the left, in a former classroom, before the enrollment area.

Great new digs, we can’t wait to get it decorated.

Roudina Thomsen, immigration specialist

The office is planning to add more decorations including color, shelves and drawers to the space.

The new enrollment area provides plenty of seating both inside for prospective students, and outside for current students.

[The move is] good for us now too because we have Spellmann downstairs.

Diana Mejia, administrative assistant for International Admissions

Mejia said she is glad the faculty and employees do not have to walk as far to get food and the cafeteria on the second floor of Spellmann is convenient. International Admissions was temporarily housed in the Welcome Center while Spellmann was under construction.

The Spellmann renovations started in June and were finished Oct. 22, when all offices were moved into the new space.

All photos by Kayla Drake

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