No-Shave-November: Not just a popular trend


Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison

November is the month where people start to feel the cold. It’s when we start to indulge in hot cocoa and drink warm tea to keep happy and warm. November is when families gather around for a giant meal and are thankful for what we have received.

However, recently a new tradition is arising. “No-Shave-November” is upon us once again.
Ah, yes, the month where men and women can donate to a worthy cause, a cause of prostate cancer to be exact.

I am happy people are now becoming aware of this worthy cause, but most kids here have no clue as to why it is being done. Some men and women I’ve talked with seem to think it’s just a ‘hip’ thing to do. Well, really it’s not the hip thing to do.

It’s for people to become aware of this serious disease and ban together to fight cancer. This is similar to how people buy ‘pink’ items for Breast Cancer. I’m not downing the people who HAVE donated to to do this cause. I’m downing the people who know nothing about it and don’t shave anyway.

I understand some people want to fit in and want to be cool, but I think if you want to join in, you need to know what it’s about and donate to this cause.

It’s good if people are doing this to show support, but again if you don’t know what it is, you shouldn’t be doing it.
No-Shave-November is a worthy cause. In October, it’s all about Breast Cancer. November gives us the chance to band together and support prostate cancer and those who are heavily affected by it. Next year, I hope a lot of you will know what No-Shave-November is and be willing to donate before you try to “join” in.