Thanksgiving break extends for students

Anna Schiele | Staff Reporter

This year’s Thanksgiving break will give students something extra to be thankful for. For the first time in decades, students will have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off.
The Lindenwood Student Government Association’s Senate (LSGA Senate) proposed the day off  to President Evans, who in turn granted their request. The LSGA Senate gave two convincing reasons for why students should have that Wednesday off.
The first point they debated was that it was risky for students to be driving home the day before Thanksgiving when traffic is heaviest. The second argument was that students at surrounding universities already have that day off.
“We believe our students work very hard and deserve to have the extra time to get home safely and connect with their families for the significant holiday,” Evans said.
In the 1970s and 1980s, students were given the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, but this was annulled for reasons that were not stated. However, this year the university saw the students’ request as “reasonable and substantiated.” While students have the extra day off, LU faculty and staff will use the day to have in-service workshops and meetings.
However, not all students will be heading home early that day. Senior Samantha Bartley, along with other members of the National Broadcast Society, will be visiting television studios in the area.
“We’re using the day off to our advantage so we don’t have to skip a day of classes,” Bartley said. “I like it because it gives me a day to travel and then I get to spend all day Thanksgiving with my family.”
Senior Emiley Scott is using the day to her advantage as well. “I will actually be moving into my new house that week, so its great timing,” Scott said. “But I also think a lot of people are going to miss classes on Tuesday and head home that day.”
As well as having the day of classes off, student athletes will also have the day off from practice. When asked how she felt about having the extra day off, Lionette dance member Kayla Hanley said, “I’m happy. My boyfriend is coming into town, and I’ll get to relax with him.