Celebrity Meetings

Celebrity Meetings

Heather Bertram | Managing Editor of Design

Everyone has at least one celebrity experience. Most of them are short-lived, but we never forget them. Mine happened when I was young, but they’ve remained with me to this day.

I once rode an elevator with Jay Leno. Being a child with an 8:00 p.m. bedtime, I had no idea who he was. I just remember looking up at his giant chin, thinking, “Mother of pearl, how are we all going to fit in this elevator with that thing?”

At five years old, I was getting ready to board an airplane with my mom. She could barely contain her excitement when she realized just a few seats over was Richard Simmons. Again, I had no clue why this man with overgrown hair was so important. She made me walk up to him and introduce myself. I don’t remember much from our conversation, but I do know he was enthusiastic about offering me his autograph. It was a signed picture of him chained to a giant fork. Unfortunately, this gem is long gone.

About five minutes ago, I finally Googled “Richard Simmons chained to fork” and lo and behold, here it is: