I dream II

I dream II

Genell Jeffries | Lindenlink Fashion Editor

I dream II

Dr. King
I dream too.
I dream that you could see your dreams come true.
Walk down the halls of my predominately white school and notice that no one stops to turn their nose up at you.

Dr. King
I dream too only my dreams are about finishing what people like you started.
My dreams consist of an African-American President being re-elected. Instead of being equally educated my dream is
to elevate my education. To be seen in a world that you dreamed about,
even screamed about. I scream too. I scream about this war
we fight and our troops wanting to come home.

I dream too.
For The Dream you left behind is so often forgotten by our kind.
I stand in your “symbolic shadow” today dreaming that my life affects the next decade. That my words make a difference in someone’s
life. That your dream shines bright in my sight.
That the words you spoke have not faded from my generation’s mind. That the life
you lived proves that you still live.

Dr. King
I dream that the power of the human voice is taken advantage of. I dream that my
community service efforts are appreciated and that my priorities are situated. I dream that every dream I have been made into
reality. That even the dreamers get up and be the change they hope to see. Follow in the steps of a King and march on to victory.

I dream that the dreamers do, even though they don’t have to. I dream that everyone cared about others and that freedom
from the world meant freedom from ourselves. Satisfaction did not result in adult behavior but innocence preserved.

I dream that
we never attempt to walk alone nor look back. I dream that the ignorance of my ancestors continuously leads me to the land of
their sacrifices.

I dream that the word NEGRO be demolished. If not we have forgotten that our freedom is linked to the freedom of
the slaves that died so that we could live. I dream that I can affect the world by building on others dreams.

Dr. King
I dream too.
that your dreams have come true and that my dreams come true too. I dream that I can make tomorrow better than today. I dream that in these words there is a place where mountains are low, places are straight, and God’s
plan is exposed to all who possess the dream.