LonelyGirl: How-to guide to use a dating website!

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Lindenlink Contributor

I was on Facebook the other day, and my friend posted a link about “Paging Doctor Love,” a nerd-based dating website to help the nerds get the girls. At first, I thought it was silly, and continued to browse through it, and found myself actually interested in some of his advice!

A few times during his posts, he mentioned a website called “OkCupid.com”. At first, I considered it stupid. But then again, I found myself browsing through this website.

Now for the record: I am terrible at dating. Yet, I find myself giving advice to couples during different times. I have had only one ‘serious relationship.’ Other times, I was just talking with people, but it never really worked out.  So, me being the LonelyGirl, I decided to do something drastic! I decided to be adventurous and a little daring.

I made a profile!

My reasoning was simple: What do I have to lose?

I send a few messages. I say hi to guys I have never met before and strike up a random conversation. Sure, why not?

Now, I can see people saying, “But LonelyGirl! Internet can be dangerous and you can get hurt!” That’s if you act stupid. I’ll be here to help you step-by-step on how to protect yourself out in the big Internet world! Answer all your dating questions and relationship questions even in the REAL world! I will be using OkCupid for this blog, but I’ll try to do my research on other websites as well.

Some simple questions I’m sure are in the readers mind about me!

Major: Mass Communications Major!

Student: Resident Student

Hobbies: Nerdy things! Video Games, Internet Videos, Rage Comics, and of course Social Media!

Sports: Cardinals, Blues and Rams. (True STL girl!)

Do I really exist?

Yes, Yes I do. I even breathe!