Ron Paul draws crowd from all walks of life


Killian Walsh | Contributing Writer


Young and old gathered Saturday at Lindenwood University in support of 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Paul is the second candidate to visit Missouri following his opponent Rick Santorum’s visit in February.

Before the speech, supporters and spectators waved their signs and shouted “President Paul” in hopes for the future election.

Ann Layton of Missouri said what she likes about Paul is that he sticks to the Constitution.

Another supporter, Tina Wells of Missouri, said Paul votes the way he speaks, which is what sets him apart from the other candidates.

A few of the many Lindenwood students in attendance were Erica Kaiser, Bailey Compton and Alissa Dymes.

Compton stated that all three of the girls were liberals. Dymes said that it was their “right” to vote in the election, and Kaiser said that they “needed to know what he had to say” in order to vote efficiently, even if they “didn’t agree” with him.

During the majority of the speech, the crowd remained standing. Boos were shouted at Paul’s mention of Congress making 40,000 new laws this past year.

What brought the biggest cheers from Paul’s speech were his mentions of ending the wars and bringing the troops home. He also said politicians need to obey the Constitution.

Jennifer Bird, one of the many workers at the Paul speech, said she was a die-hard supporter and came to the rally looking for delegates for her Gravois township caucus before the speech. Republicans across most of Missouri will caucus on Saturday, March 17th, to vote for a presidential candidate.

She said that Paul “follows, defends, respects and withholds the Constitution,” which was something that Paul mentioned during his speech.

At the end of his 45 minute long speech, Paul said the country must “obey the Constitution,” and the crowd went wild.