Thousands of faithful supporters cheer on Paul


Holly Hoechstenbach | Editorial Editor

Ron Paul fan

Around 2,500 faithful Ron Paul supporters crammed together on Saturday, March 10 at 3 p.m. at Lindenwood University to take part in his “Revolution.” Whistles, feet stomping and applause echoed throughout the Hyland Arena in an uproar of excitement as the Texas Congressman stepped onto the podium.

Chants of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul” could be heard from young and older adults as well as children. Patriotic balloons, pins, and handmade posters and signs were scattered all over the crowd.

Karen Rose, resident of Marquand, Mo. said she backs Paul 100 percent because he is a true American who doesn’t give the public “lip service,” telling Americans what they want to hear.

Festus resident Bryan Basler also agrees and says he supports Paul’s foreign and drug policies and significance on Second Amendment rights.

Other well-liked standpoints of Paul include cutting unnecessary spending, small government influence and individual freedoms.

“People are sick and tired…we need a change,” Paul said as the crowded erupted with applause. “Government should quit writing the mandates and let the people make the decisions.”

One of the strongest reactions was to “end the wars and bring our troops home” in which nearly every person stood up to scream.

Paul’s discussion about America’s war on drugs received a standing ovation.

“We allow the government to say what we can do with our own bodies,” Paul said. “Politicians are not smart enough to know what’s best for you.”

“Should the government’s role be to protect ourselves against our bad habits?” Paul asked.

“No!” screamed the audience.

Loud stomping and whistles exploded as Paul explained how he would cut spending, cut 40,000 laws and repeal the Patriot Act.

“We have the right to our life and right to our liberty,” Paul said.