Dealing with Finals Anxiety

Dealing with Finals Anxiety

Lisbeth Sandoe | Staff Reporter
Posted May 6, 2014; 2:23 p.m.
Published Legacy May 6, 2014

As the end of the spring semester 2014 is getting closer and closer, the very stressful finals week is approaching as well. There are many different ways to approach the stress and pressure of finals, and both teachers and students must find their own ways to cope with the stress.

Kody Nozaki is in his second semester at LU and he is starting to feel the pressure of finals week. “Since my GPA is at an average, I need get at least 3.4 for getting scholarship for the next school, which is in Hawaii.”

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Doing well in his finals is therefore even more important for Nozaki this semester and in his opinion studying hard is the best way to succeed. “I read textbooks and highlight significant points with following power points that professor made,” Nozaki said about his studying methods. “Then I read again only, but only highlighted material this time.”

Rachel Ozier is on her second semester as well, but for her the pressure is not as high as Nozaki, who had to get a GPA at 3.5. Ozier is, however, still really nervous and, similar to Nozaki Nozaki, she believes that studying hard is the only way to succeed in finals week. “I get all of my materials organized and study more than I usually would.”

Andrea Marsden is a professor at LU, and she often feels that she needs to work harder at the end of the semester to keep the students motivated towards the finals. “For some students I do sense a difference in attitudes, especially for seniors. They are starting to show signs of burnout and are very much looking forward to graduation,” Marsden said. “I would say that I try to be more energetic and motivational at the end of the semester.  I try to keep the energy levels high so they stay engaged.  I also try to incorporate more motivational tips, as well.”

“First, try not to stray from your normal routine. All-nighters will only cause you more stress on your body physically, which in turn will cause more stress on you mentally and emotionally.”Another Lindenwood professor, Cary Cusumano, feels that students are disciplined at the end of the semester. “Here is definitely a larger sense of urgency in student’s attitudes towards the end of the year,” Cusumano said. “Even the student’s that are on the roads towards an A in the class have more questions about dates, exact directions for assignments, and criteria for achieving that A.” Cusumano tries to give his students some advice during the semester of how they can succeed in their finals.

Cusumano also thinks it is important to maintain a good diet, as it provides the energy needed to be successful. The last thing Cusumano advises his student to do is keep on track during the entire semester. “If you have been on the right track all semester in terms of attendance, study habits and communication with your professor, your final grade will reflect your diligence.”

Hope is not totally out if you have not been the most disciplined student, according to Cusumano. “If you aren’t exactly on the right track, the reality is, it is never too late, so keep working hard.”