LSGA accepting applicants for treasurer position

LSGA accepting applicants for treasurer position

Viki Muench Staff Reporter
November 12, 2014; 3:00 p.m.


Any interested students wishing to get more involved in the campus culture now have the chance to become part of the Lindenwood Student Government Association, as the position for the LSGA Treasurer will become available starting this spring semester.

Applications can be sent in on LU Connect and are due by 5 p.m. on Nov. 14. Current Treasurer Dylan Callaway, who started his term this semester, was accepted into the Police Academy and will therefore leave this position.

“Whoever gets elected as the new treasurer can look forward to developing leadership, communication, and networking skills that will help them with this position and with future jobs,“ says Callaway.

The job of the new Treasurer will contain managing and keeping records of the funds of the LSGA Budget, as well as taking care of the New Student Organization Pool, Tier Funds, and also support student organizations with fund requests.

Callaway says that the job of the treasurer contains many different weekly duties. “Office hours, which are used to meet with organizations“ and also attending “weekly meetings with the executive board of the student government, as well as the general assembly meetings“ are only a small part of the Treasurer’s responsibilities.

The fact that this job is available as a Work and Learn position should make it even more attractive for prospective applicants. “It is a great opportunity to make a positive change on our campus while in a leadership position,” explains Callaway. “Some advice I would give to the new treasurer is to always have a positive attitude. When a group of people sees you walk into a room with a smile on your face, it makes you more approachable. Also, always stay organized.“

For more information on requirements for this position and how to apply, visit LU Connect through the Student Portal, or go to Contact LSGA President Nikki Napolitano at [email protected] for any questions.