LU security works closely with local police


Lindenwood’s Director of Public Safety and Security John Bowman has been monitoring the Ferguson protests.

Vicki Muench | Staff Reporter
Published February 9, 2015; 2:30 p.m.

New Police Chief
The latest example of a successful career after graduating from Lindenwood is David Todd, who was selected as the new Chief of Police of the St. Charles County Police Department.
When he started his position on Jan. 1, he was the first ever police chief in in the St. Charles County’s department.
He graduated from LU in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and again in 2008 with a Masters of Science degree.
Afterward, he successfully graduated from the FBI National Academy. Todd has served in law enforcement for over 37 years.
“Our mission is to consistently perform our duties, and to find ways to affirmatively promote and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality service to members of our community,” said Todd in his mission statement as the new Chief of Police.

Collaboration with LU Security
Lindenwood’s Director of Public Safety and Security John Bowman, is confident about the collaboration between LU’s security and St. Charles police department.
“Having a Lindenwood graduate as the new chief of the sheriff’s department is great. We work very closely together with the police in St. Charles and we make sure stay in contact with them at least once a day.”
“We want the students to be safe,” said Bowman, “so in cases of major emergencies that involve life or death, students are encouraged to definitely call 911 first, since our campus security staff is limited in what it can do.”
“In all other cases, students have the chance to call security from any phone on campus. We will be there as soon as we can to help,” explains Bowman.

Student Resources
Campus Security has a direct line, which is 636-949-4911.
It is available to everyone on campus everyday at all hours.
If anyone is unsure about how to behave in different kinds of emergencies, the LU Public Safety office provided a basic emergency action plan, which can be found at

Rave Alerts
Security also keeps students informed by playing a part in sending out the Rave alert to students. If a crime or possible risk to students happens in Security’s geographical area, they will send out the information to students via text and email.
The information often comes from the police force, though weather alerts occur automatically.
The alerts give a chance for those receiving the alert to properly prepare for any danger, according to Bowman. Students can sign up for the Rave Alerts through their student portal.
“We hope that we will continue to work well together as a team with the St. Charles PD and our Chief Todd to keep the campus a safe environment for everyone,” said Bowman.