Red Cross Blood Drive


Isis Wadleigh | Staff Photographer
February 18, 2014; 10:10 a.m.

Students file into the building with hopes of saving a life.

Lindenwood is hosting the Red Cross blood drive in the Spellmann Connection both Feb. 18 and 19.

Cynthia Brown, a Red Cross employee, explained that donating blood is important because it helps saves lives.

“I started working here because my mom got cancer and needed several blood transfusions,” she said.

Student Alexis Andrews donated blood for the first time Wednesday.

“It’s something my whole family does. I never got to do it because I always had class, so I just decided to do it today,” she said.

After students donate blood, they receive a free shirt, as well as drinks and snacks.

The blood drive runs all day and students can schedule an appointment or walk-in.