CJSA enlightens Students about Drunk Driving


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Photo by Sabine Neveu
CJSA showed the reality of the effects of drunk driving.

Daniel Rottlaender | Staff Reporter
February 18, 2015; 11:08 a.m.

Approximately 20 students found their way to the Spellmann Center to participate in The Criminal Justice Student Association’s “Mothers Against Drunk Driving” event. Together with the MADD organization in Missouri, CJSA enlightened attendees about the risks and dangers of drunk driving.

“We want to bring awareness to kids about drunk driving because most accidents that are connected to alcohol are bred by kids in the college age,” said Jeanne Harris, vice president of CJSA. “We hope many people come in and pick up shirts and snacks.”

Besides providing shirts and snacks for the participants, CJSA got Meghan Carter, executive director of MADD in Missouri, to speak to the students.

“We were very fortunate that CJSA here at Lindenwood has been involved with many of the local activities we organize, so we were invited here today to give a summary about what Mothers Against Drunk Driving does,” said Carter. “We hope students take what we say and are more informed about the dangers of drunk driving after attending this event.”

MADD organizes multiple events all around Missouri like supporting victims of drunk driving or providing juridical support.

For more information about MADD or CJSA, contact the student organization at [email protected].