Research is not a “dirty word” at LU


Research a 'Dirty Word' | Photo by Carly Fristoe
Photo by Carly Fristoe
The panel at the Research “A Dirty Word” event talks about the advantages of research.

Carly Fristoe | Staff Reporter
February 18, 2015; 1:45 p.m.

As part of Sibley Day, faculty and students led a discussion on the importance of research and why it isn’t a “dirty word” to be feared.

Looking to change students’ perspectives of research, five professors shared their experiences and benefits on the matter. Referring to studies currently happening on campus, the discussion actively involved the students, as well as the faculty who attended.

Cynthia Wooldridge, an assistant professor in the psychology department, explained a specific study relating to multiple choice and short answer test questions. While the study is ongoing, it is trending toward the conclusion that short answers are more beneficial to students’ retention of information for longer periods of time.

English professor Sarah Noonan also spoke at the event and explained that research improves the quality of her teaching and keeps her up to date in her profession.

“Research fosters a conversation that encourages students to see research as more approachable and fundamental to the college experience,” Noonan said.

Students also played a major role in the discussion, providing insight as to how it has helped them in their college careers.

Carlee DeYoung, a student who works with Wooldridge, credits her time with the professor in making her “more aggressive in [her] research in other classes.

“I feel like my time-management skills have become more evolved [because of research],” DeYoung said.