Gender Studies Club Talks About Sex


Photo by Tom_Fristoe

Gender Studies Club: Talking Sex | Photo by Carly Fristoe

Talking About Sex

Carly Fristoe | Staff Photographer
February 18, 2015; 5:16 p.m.

The Gender Studies group hosted a discussion of topics relating to sex as part of the Sibley day events in an effort to clear misconceptions about the ideas.

Professor Heather Brown-Hudson emphasized the idea of confidentiality as the most important aspects of Gender Studies.

Discussions pertaining to misrepresentation and misunderstandings about gender equality were sparked by several members of both the Gender Studies organization as well as the Lindenwood University Gay Straight Alliance (LUGSA). Topics included representation, sexual education, and the controversial condom act.

Morgan Albertson, a member of the Gender Studies group discussed the condom bill, which brought the group to a lively discussion. He explained the process of how the bill went through legislation and the 520 signatures it received. Albertson pointed out that the process in ongoing and no decision has been made regarding it.

Ethan Miller, president of the Lindenwood University Gay Straight Alliance offered the opinion that because of Lindenwood’s mission statement, the idea of gender equality is somewhat ignored by the university and he would like to see this improved.

“Lindenwood doesn’t act like GSA exists. We are trying to make things happen,” said Miller.

Heather Cochran, head of the Gender Studies club, looked to provide clear insight as to what gender is, and the many misconceptions surrounding the topic. Cochran was excited by the large group that showed up for the event, and expressed gratitude for the open-mindedness of those who participated.

“The main goal was an open discussion between my peers regarding sexuality, Lindenwood and our careers,” said Cochran.