Book Brigade helps Lindenwood start a new chapter


Lindenwood University’s system president Michael Shonrock’s 2016 salary was announced in The Chronicle of Higher Education last month.
Photo by Lindsey Fiala

Volunteers passed a book, with a GoPro attached, from Butler Library to the Library and Academic Resources Center in just over 12 minutes.

Video by Michelle Sproat


Approximately 400 Lindenwood students, faculty, staff and administrators formed a human chain Thursday to pass the final 50 books to the Library and Academic Resources Center from Butler Library.

The event marked the official closing of Butler Library and the opening of the new $24.5 million LARC, which features smart classrooms, a multimedia area with separate editing suites and a Starbucks coffee shop.

Reference Librarian Nancy Messina came up with the idea for the Book Brigade along with Library Assistant Joanna Deyoung because they said they wanted “something that would be unique and give everyone a chance to participate in the transition from Butler Library to the LARC.”

“We grabbed onto the Book Brigade idea since it has actually been a way of moving libraries,” Messina said. “We decided against moving the whole collection, but thought it would be fun to move the last 50 items this way.”

Students, faculty and staff pass the last 50 books from Butler Library to the new Library and Academic Resources Center. Photo by Lindsey Fiala.

Many of the volunteers who helped pass the books along said they were very excited about being a part of the event. Rebecca Tungate, a representative for student business accounts, described the event as “a really neat time.”

“The Book Brigade shows the end of one era and the beginning of a new one,” she said.

Laurie Fitzgerald, administrative assistant for the School of Accelerated Degree Programs, started working at Lindenwood in May and said she wanted to participate in the Book Brigade to meet new people.


The 50 books passed to the new building were a mixture of staff favorites and titles written by Lindenwood faculty, according to Technical Services Librarian Suzanne Gleason. They included “The Grapes of Wrath,” “Bats at the Library” and “The Lindenwood Model.”

In addition to the 50 books, volunteers passed the old Leo the Lion costume head to the new building.

President of Lindenwood Student Government Nick Stone described being involved in the event as “something you don’t get to do every day.”

“I’m a senior so having some change in a still familiar place is really nice,” said Stone.

After the final book was passed to the LARC, volunteers and onlookers celebrated in the LARC with cake and punch. Many took tours of the new building.