Lions no longer support Lions


Photo by Carly Fristoe

Lindenwood cheerleaders show their school spirit at a 2016 football game against Missouri Southern State University
Photo by Carly Fristoe


What happened to Lions support Lions?

I find myself often sitting around thinking about just that. Early in my college career, I was always excited about the idea of going to college sports games and seeing large crowds of fans rooting for our sports teams.

Although I knew at the time that Lindenwood’s football team was still working on finding its rhythm, I always thought students would still rally around their school no matter the standings.

Although Lindenwood is not a traditional college atmosphere, we are known for one thing: sports.

With a variety of national championships coming from so many different sports, other schools know that we are a force to be reckoned with. Why can’t the students here realize that as well?

I played sports in high school and I know the effect a large loud crowd can have on getting players amped up and ready to go. When you see people going crazy and painting themselves in school colors, it makes you want to play well and win for them.

Lindenwood fans cheer the Lions onto a 42-28 win over Missouri Southern State University during the 2016 season.
Photo by Carly Fristoe

That being said, it is important for Lindenwood students to know that the school wants them involved too. That is why it’s so exciting knowing about “Lindenwood Lion Pride,” the new rewards check-in app that the athletics department has rolled out.

The app lets students check in when they attend sporting events on campus. Each event earns students a certain number of points which eventually convert into rewards like Papa John’s pizza, t-shirts, and Under Armour shoes.

I’m not sure how much more Lindenwood athletics could do to increase attendance and school spirit on campus, but it is nice to see them trying. If I know one thing about Lindenwood students, it’s that we all like free things.

This new app will hopefully fill our bellies as well as Lindenwood bleachers. Although some other attempts by the athletic department haven’t proved effective, I hope this one will keep hold.

I have been greatly disappointed about the school spirit at Lindenwood for three years, and I am hoping that the changes coming from the NCAA and Student Life Sports offices are for the better.

Coming from a small high school in Illinois, I might have been expecting too much from Lindenwood. For the sake of freshmen and future students, I really hope that Lindenwood students can come together and step up our game.

We are all Lions, and we should support each other.