Opinion: Lindenwood needs more sidewalks and crosswalks


Pedestrians walking in the road near the Spellmann Center.
Photo by Matt Hampton


Lindenwood has not done enough to accommodate pedestrians on campus.

Many campus roads do not have sidewalks on either side, and in some places, no crosswalks connect one side of the road to the other.

In these instances, pedestrians are forced to skeeter around in the road in fear of motorists when walking along or across the street. Though jaywalking might create a nuisance for drivers, normally it is not dangerous on slow streets like the ones on campus.  But during low visibility and dangerous driving conditions,during storms for example, it could result in a serious accident.

The system of sidewalks and crosswalks that Lindenwood does have is not only inadequate, it is inconvenient for many students.

For instance, if students want to get to the Barnes & Noble from the opposite side of Blanton and Rauch halls, they either have to walk a fifth of a mile around one of the dorms or the 100 feet or so through the grass between them. Faced with this choice, many students choose the latter, which surely damages the attractiveness of this campus.

A university that places such pride in its campus should also spend the funds necessary to upgrade its accessibility for pedestrians. What good is a beautiful campus that is impractical to walk around?