Opinion: You can beat finals week stress


Finals week is a naturally stressful time. Do what you need to do to keep stress to a minimum.
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Finals week is easily the peak of stress during the semester. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of stress relief tactics that can be utilized as finals week winds down. Here are a few of my favorite tactics.

1. Music

Music can help readjust just about any emotion that you want it to in my opinion. If you need a boost of happiness, listen to something upbeat. If you need to calm down or de-stress, opt for some gentler tunes. You can find playlists specifically tailored for stress relief on both Spotify and Apple Music.

Put on some headphones, find a good playlist and dive into music during finals week for instant stress relief.
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2. Exercise

One word: endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals your brain releases when you’re happy. Working out is one of the best ways to get your body to release endorphins and give your body an instant dose of happy and stress relief. One thing we can all use during finals week is a little extra happiness.

Move a little this finals week. Whether it’s through yoga, weightlifting or going for a run, get those endorphins flowing.
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3. Sleep

I know, I know. You can’t sleep because you have to study. But get this, when you get an appropriate amount of sleep (seven to nine hours) your brain retains information at a higher rate. So not only do you relieve stress by getting some shut-eye, but you also increase your knowledge base for your finals. Put the books away tonight and hit the hay.

Take a tip from this pug and get a good nap in this week. You’ve earned it and your brain needs it.
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4. Journal

As an avid advocate for journaling, I’ll tell you it has more benefits than one. Writing out the good things in life is a great reminder of how many things there are to be thankful for in the midst of stress. It’s also a great tool for problem-solving. Getting your thoughts out on paper can help you analyze what can be done in any situation to to reduce the amount of stress you feel about it. For finals week, use your journal to write out what you need to do about each final to feel prepared.

Grab a notebook or piece of scrap paper and write it all out this week. Get your thoughts on paper to relieve some stress.
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5. Look at cat pictures

Let’s be honest, animals make everything better. If you need a break from studying, pop over to Google or Instagram and look up some pictures of animals (I suggest cats for obvious reasons). You won’t regret it.

Animals are a gift to humankind. If you need a study break, treat yourself to some funny animal photos and videos.
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