Opinion: Family holidays not so heartwarming


Going home for the holidays can be tough., especially as a college student.
Photo from pexels.com


Another holiday has come and gone and for me, going home for any holiday can be a lot to handle.  

As I predicted, it was another crazy family gathering. 

We all love our families (for the most part anyway), and spending time with them almost always equates to free food. But free food always comes at a price: dealing with your family. 

Little cousins are super cute, but they are all running around. At least two of them are screaming or crying.  

This past weekend my family experienced the lovely occurrence of my cousin’s son’s diaper blowing out. Not only did this poor kid have to be stripped of all his clothes, but about half the house smelled for the rest of the day. 

As much as we appreciate our parents, it can be difficult. I had a friend whose parents insisted on keeping the same curfew she had in high school whenever she came home. This continued all the way through her senior year of college. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. But then again, there’s only one of you and just so many of them.  

Families always ask a million questions, and at least five people asked the same ones throughout the day. “How’s school going?” “How are your grades?” “What’s your major again?” “And how exactly are you going to make a career out of that?”  

If you’re graduating in May, you probably had to figure out your whole post-graduation plan before the Easter egg hunt.  

If you’re in a relationship, they all asked about that. If you brought your significant other to Easter, hopefully you mentally prepared for the sometimes not so low-key evaluation of that relationship. And if your grandma is anything like mine, they went all Beyoncé and wanted there to be a ring on it.  

And how did I survive this Easter evaluation?  

I found my most relatable cousin, ranted about how hard being an adult is, ate all the Easter food and settled into a nice food coma.