Opinion: Gotta go? Here are the top spots to drop on campus


Need to know the top spots to drop? Be honest, we all do it.
Photo by Kayla Drake

KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

The list:

The bathrooms are rated on a scale of one to five plungers based on five criteria: Wi-Fi signal, cleanliness, spaciousness, amount of traffic/location, and supplies stocked.




#6 Spellmann Computer Lab

The score is based on the fact that probably only 10 percent of the school’s population knows about this bathroom. It is located across the computer lab to the left of the old concession stand. I’ve even heard of people who lock the door while they drop it. 


#5 Harmon Hall 2nd Floor

The score is based on the cleanliness and stocked supplies. Business professionals know how to score a deal because this bathroom is spacious and Wi-Fi friendly to return those snaps and scroll through Instagram.


#4 The LARC Main Floor

The score is based on the convenient location and decent smell. If you’re smart enough to find the books in the library, then you’re smart enough to go to the bathroom here. Four out of five Wi-Fi bars will keep you entertained for awhile.

#3 Spellmann Basement

The score is based on the central location and low amount of traffic, right across from 89.1 The Wood. Toilet paper rolls are left on top of the shelf from time to time, so supplies are well stocked.


#2 Scheidegger Center Main Floor

The score is based on the remote location (right next to LUTV). But it is posh, clean and well worth the walk. I’ve even heard Willie Nelson, Jay Leno and Vanessa Williams have made an appearance in these restrooms. 

#1 Memorial Arts Building

The score is based on, again, the obscure location, and if you’re willing to traverse to the historic side of campus, the 4 out of 5 bars are well worth it. Supplies are always stocked, but the stalls are tight.

Plunger graphics by Kat Owens