Sibley Day Improv Show

Gabriela Pires | Lindenlink Reporter

Sibley Day had many different activities planned for this semester. One in particular that stood out above the rest was the funny acts provided by Lindenwood’s improv group, the Nick of Time Players. Scenes from the undeniable truth at the improv show brought much laughter to the audience.

The show took place on Sibley Day at Scheidegger Center in Emerson Black Box Theater from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. The 14 actors and actresses are students at Lindenwood University.

The Black Box Theater can provide space for at least 200 people, however, due to the many people present , security had to limit the amount of spectators. Because of the lack of space, a considerable amount of people did not have the opportunity to watch the show.

An improvising show is where the audience gets to choose what the actors will do on stage. The improv group entertained the audience very well with a variety of games that counted with the audience’s help to choose what kind of characters the actors would be, and in which situation the actors encountered themselves.

“It was hilarious. It exceeded my expectations,” Lindenwood student Lindsey Vaughn said.  “And, it is cool that even if some of them are strangers, they are still able to perform great together on stage.”

Most of the participants of the troup are not drama majors. But, still do it for the sake of having fun and as a hobby because there is no pressure on them.

“Today was great,” Improv actress and English major Marissa Bioni said. “A lot of energy and response came from the audience.”

As for Vincent Napoli, he has been doing the show for 2 years. Napoli is a graphic design major and he also acts in the show for  fun because he can relax and not be stressed.

Through the improvising show, an actor is able to adapt to new characters. That is what Milly Naeger thinks. She is a digital cinema major, and has been doing the show for a year and a half.

“Everyone is so supportive. You can be anything in the show, even a hot dog.” Naeger said.

The Nick of Time Players has a show once a month at the Scheidegger Center. For more information, visit Lindenwood’s J. Scheidegger homepage.