Evans OKs bills


Alegria Mora| Lindenlink  Contributor 

*Due to inaccurate information from sources, the May 8 Legacy reported misinformation regarding dorm air conditioning. Here is an updated statement from the administration:  

Some of the air-conditioned dorms will have local control over the room temperatures.  At this point, there are no immediate plans to put air conditioning in the older dorms that do not have air conditioning.

The Lindenwood Student Government Association (LSGA) had a successful meeting with President James Evans on Tuesday, April 30 in which all of their five previously presented bills got approved and will be put into effect in the fall of 2013.

By the time summer is over, there will be new water stations with better pressure, some of the air-conditioned dorms will have local control over the room temperatures, students will receive centralized emails about events on campus, notifications will be sent before house or dorm maintenance visits, and there will be two new sand volleyball courts built in between Pfremmer Hall and Evans Commons.

Clarissa Johnston, speaker of the senate, said that the LSGA was pleased with the outcome since it encourages them to continue working.

“The fact that those were the things we asked for and the university is willing to give them to us makes us more hopeful to ask for more things,” Johnston said.

She added that the new changes are for the benefit of students. “I think it is really good because those are all things that students asked for, so it’s all going to be services that students will use,” she said.

So far the LSGA has gotten 12 bills approved and on Friday, May 10, they will find out about seven more bills that they recently presented. For Johnston, this semester has proven to be successful for them.

“This semester we’ve probably had the most bills passed and they are pretty important bills…things that have never been done before,” she said.

When students see the changes, Johnston hopes they notice LSGA’s contributions to improve students’ experience.

“I hope they realize that it was LSGA which was able to get these changes and not just think that it was Lindenwood…It  would be nice for people to know LSGA cares about students,” she said.

The LSGA is open to new ideas and suggestions for bills that students consider valuable. “We listen to all ideas so if they have a good idea they can come to us and we can help them,” she said.

She added that it feels good to be part of this success. “It is exciting to do things that matter. You hear people complain about nothing to do, and now we can tell them next semester you can play sand volleyball….It is good to contribute back.”

For more information or to contact LSGA, you can visit their offices located on the fourth floor of the Evans Commons, contact them through their Facebook page LindenwoodSGA or email [email protected].