Students share a few favorite tastes of home


Sanami Iwasaki | Lindenlink Reporter 

Each country has its own preference of taste or flavor totally different from others. When travelers want to eat the real local food, the best way is to ask people from that country.  Here are some best foods recommended by people local to the countries to give travelers the most authentic tastes:

  • Churrasco  (Brazil)

Gabriela Pires from Brazil said, “Everyone should try churrasco when they come to Brazil. It is a Brazilian barbeque which is the most popular and common food in our country. . . .  We usually eat all kinds of meat such as beef, pork and chicken. Sometimes we eat meat with rice and salad.”


Photography : Gabriela Pires


  • Ttkbokyi   (Korea)

Korean student Leeseul Park said, “Ttbokyi is loved by everyone in Korea. It is a little bit sweet and spicy but you can ask waiters to make it mild if you want. There are eggs, sticky rice, noodles, vegetables and sometimes cheese inside. You can find it in any restaurants and it is not really expensive.”

Photography : Leeseul Park


  • Currywurst   (Germany)

Sina Schack from Germany said, “Foreigners should definitely try currywurst. It is the most popular fast food dish in Germany. . . .  “It consists of steamed and then fried pork sausage cut into slices with curry ketchup. We eat it whenever we get hungry.”

Photography : Maiko Saitou


  • Enchilada   (Mexico)

“Sometimes we can find enchilada in the restaurant here, but the taste here and in Mexico is very different. People should try real enchilada,” said Alemania Pineda from Mexico. “We have more variety of vegetable, meat, cheese, beans — which we call frijoles — and spicy sauce on top.”

Photography : Kevin Mao


  • Macaroon   (France)

Carol’yn Borel from France said, “There are many kinds of flavors such as strawberry, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla and so on. But my favorites are nutella, lemon and coconut. These are the best. . . .  La duree is the most popular macaroon store in France. The store decorates really pretty and of course the macaroons are awesome.”

Photography : Kevin Mao