New dining and food options for Fall 2022


Photo by Eva Laurens

Dining Hall in Spellmann Center.

Eva Laurens, Reporter

President John R. Porter sent an email to students and faculty on Monday announcing new dining and food options for Fall 2022.

“Lindenwood is working closely with our food service vendor, Pedestal, to bring back and enhance food options within the dining facilities,” Assistant Vice President Julee Mitsler said.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic started, Lindenwood was offering more food options to its students. But the virus forced the university to remove some of these food services, leaving students and faculty with very limited food options.

“The pandemic forced the University to expand “take out” food service, which meant removal of the salad bar and many other popular options at Evans to align with safety protocols and social distancing,” Mitsler said.

President Porter announced in his email that new options are being worked on when it comes to food available on campus.

“As referenced in Dr. Porter’s email yesterday, there are additional enhancements coming for the 2022-23 academic year,” Mitsler said. “Like more food trucks, expanded healthy meal options, nutritional information for each menu item, and increased ordering options through GrubHub.”

Details on the Evans Rewind event to be held on Wednesday.

Lindenwood will have an event on May 4 to let students have a taste of the possible new options that could be offered this upcoming semester.

“Evans Rewind, being hosted Wednesday, is an open event for the campus community to come and sample some of the proposed menu items that Lindenwood and Pedestal are considering for the fall,” Mitsler said. “No meal swipe required.”

Evans Rewind will let students and faculty give their opinions on these possible new food options to help Lindenwood decide on their final dining options.

“Lindenwood and Pedestal will finalize dining options in the coming months,” Mitsler said. “Student and employee surveys, as well as the feedback from Evans Unwind tomorrow, will help inform decisions about food service.”

“We encourage students and employees to attend and share their thoughts,” Mistler said.