Lindenwood Feature Twirlers to host annual Twirler Day


Photo by Ben Blizzard

Lindenwood twirlers perform at the lip syc event on Oct. 21 at Hyland Arena in Evans Commons.

Joshua Calloni, Reporter

If you’ve ever attended a Lindenwood football game, then you’ve probably seen the Lindenwood Feature Twirlers perform.

The Feature Twirlers perform as part of the marching band, combining a dance routine with a baton juggling act. Currently, there are two Lindenwood students that perform for the Feature Twirlers, juniors Morgan James and Julia Williamson.

In addition to football games, the Feature Twirlers perform in a wide variety of other events with the university, including parades, pep rallies, and other Lions sporting events, like basketball games. For Williamson and James being a part of the Feature Twirlers is more than just the thrill of performing in front of a crowd.

“My favorite part is the feeling of successfully performing a trick or skill I have worked so hard to catch,” Williamson said. “Behind each trick performed, there have been countless hours working to accomplish that trick.”

James shared a similar feeling as Williamson, but instead, focused on the memories made in her time as a Feature Twirler.

“My favorite part about baton twirling is the friendships and memories I have made and will continue to make as a baton twirler,” James said. “My teammates and Julia have become my best friends and I will always be important in my life.”

The Feature Twirlers will be hosting their annual Twirler Day this Saturday, Nov.12. The event gives an opportunity for aspiring young twirlers to get a taste of what college twirling is all about, and perform alongside them for the Lions football game that afternoon against McKendree.

 However, both James and Williamson see Twirler Day as more than an opportunity to allow younger twirlers to perform alongside college twirlers.

“For me, Twirler Day is a way to help younger twirlers consider their collegiate twirling experience. Throughout high school, I attended multiple Twirler Days at other universities. I even attended Lindenwood’s during my junior year of high school which was one of the contributing factors to my decision to come to Lindenwood,” Williamson said. “I am glad we are providing this opportunity to other twirlers because there is no greater experience than actually performing at a game.”

James shared a similar feeling towards the upcoming Twirler Day.

“For me, twirler day is a great way for twirlers of all ages to get the opportunity to twirl on a college football field. This gives them a fun experience, and for twirlers interested in a future college twirling position it can be a great way for them to gain more experience and knowledge about college twirling,” James said.

The primary goal for Twirler Day is to inspire young twirlers to pursue their interest in the sport as college students, specifically here at Lindenwood. Williamson said there hasn’t ever been a consistent Feature Twirler at Lindenwood, and hosting the annual Twirler Day helps ensure that the program continues for as long as possible.

“I hope that we continue to have twirlers that enjoy twirling for the school and become great advocates for Lindenwood. I want them to showcase this sport and their love for Lindenwood and represent this school as a part of the Lion Pride,” James said.

To leave off, Williamson added this piece of advice for any young performer interested in joining the Feature Twirler program here at Lindenwood.

“I would advise future feature twirlers at Lindenwood, or at any school, to always be prepared for anything. Occasionally, performances come up last minute and you always have to be prepared with a routine or show to put on,” Williamson said. “Coming up with a plan and making yourself available is always better than turning down a performance opportunity.”