3 YouTube Channels To Waste Your Time With

Picture of Dan and Phil from thekidswiththehairs Tumblr blog.

Picture of Dan and Phil from thekidswiththehair’s Tumblr blog.

Annette Schaefer | Lindenlink staff

School might be just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean that we’re all ready to be productive yet. If you’re like many people who aren’t ready to give up the lazy days of summer, then you will need something to entertain you as you put off packing those bags. Here are a few YouTube channels that I’ve recently discovered that I have enjoyed and have easily wasted hours just watching video after video.


This first channel is ran by lovable book nerd Sarah aka: Leviosaa. Her channel is probably geared more towards those of the female persuasion, but if you love books (especially Harry Potter), movies, and Tumblr you’ll love her videos. She often does reviews of books and movies as well as just commentating on life in general.Probably her most intriguing and popular series, though, is her “Tumblr Lessons” videos where she looks up tags on Tumblr and learns about a viewer suggested topic based solely on what she finds listed under the tag. Her videos and quirky and fun especially if you are someone with an inner nerd-girl.

Screen capture from Leviosaa’s channel.

Super Amazing Project (danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil):

This second channel is really just an extra set of awesome from popular UK YouTubers Dan (danisnotonfire) and Phil (AmazingPhil). Basically this channels features much of the same humor that can be found in their individual channels but has a few new segments and features. Some of the features include: a news segment with strange and amusing stories from all over the world, Interactive games that they play together and with the audience and “Viewer Spooky Happenings” where viewers send in weird and disturbing pictures of the odd things they come across. These two are goofy and will make you laugh till you cry; plus if you haven’t seen any of their individual videos then you need to check those out as well.

Picture of Dan and Phil from thekidswiththehair’s Tumblr blog.


MattG124 is a crazy funny Canadian guy with weird nose piercings and awesome green hair; His videos are really entertaining as well. The main portion of his channel is dedicated to his “Dare MattG” videos where his takes viewer’s dares and questions and completes them in the best and most amusing way possible. Aside from that he has a few rant videos (“Canadian Problems”) and even a few sketch style videos. So if you want a good laugh watch him try to take on his insane viewers’ dares.

Screen capture from MattG124’s channel.