Lindenwood Honors College benefits high performing students

Connor Johnson | Legacy Staff Reporter

Published March 7, 2014; 9:10 a.m.

While the end of the spring semester of 2014 may seem far away for some students at Lindenwood University, registration for the fall semester of 2014 is already upon them and for students enrolled in the Honors College, that means scheduling as early as March 03, 2014.

The Honors College, which was formed in the early 1990’s, is an opportunity for high performing students to be engaged on a more sophisticated level intellectually and academically. Though support for the college was initially skeptical, support for the school has grown over time, and today there are over 400 people registered for the college and graduation from the program is the highest distinction that Lindenwood bestows upon their students.

Not only does completing the program have an incentive for students to join, but there are also benefits for students during the time they are enrolled in the college including early registration for classes and affordable opportunities to study abroad. Being involved with the Honors College also helps foster opportunities to meet people through the recently formed Honor Society which is connected with the college.

<blockquote>“Being a part of the honors college has made my experience more rigorous but it has also given me the opportunity to pursue my academic interests on a deeper levels”, says Jordan Mueller, a Lindenwood Honors College sophomore.</blockquote>

While the Honors College has benefited students at Lindenwood, professors have also been benefited by being allowed the pleasure to take their students to a deep level academically. The program accomplishes this deeper level of academic rigor by two ways, the first is by taking an honors level course with a maximum of twenty students, and second is assigning special honors projects to  students who have successfully completed the course with the letter grade of an A.

Rachel Douchant, co-chair of the Honors College and Associate Professor of Philosophy, expressed that she wanted qualified students to take advantage of the experiences that are offered to students within and outside the classroom through the Honors College. “My concern is that many eligible students misunderstand the Honors College. They may not realize how much more stimulating and helpful honors courses and projects can be. This is an incredible opportunity for the nearly 1,200 eligible students here at Lindenwood University.”

Students who are interested in applying to be a member of the Honors College may get in contact with either Dr. Rachel Douchant or Dr. Michael Whaley to find out the specifics of the program. A 3.3 cumulative GPA is required to be accepted to the program, and this same GPA needs to be maintained throughout the entirety of the program.