Ferguson: Where walls and windows speak

February 10, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Sergio Poveda | Staff Reporter Published February 10, 2015; 10 a.m. In Ferguson, Missouri, colorful lines split Clanfield Drive in half. The glowing concrete serves as a silent memorial; large teddy bears lay in the very […]


Butler Library offers free eBook downloads

February 6, 2015 Jason Wiese 0

Sergio Poveda | Staff Reporter February 6, 2015; 1:59 p.m. Recently, graphic novels, studies of the universe, Ellen Degeneres’ best jokes, the works of Cormac McCarthy and more items became available to be downloaded for free. LU’s […]


Internet Access Failing

January 30, 2015 Emily Adair 0

Breaking News Jonathan Davies | Opinions Editor January 30, 2015; 12:25 p.m. According to the LU I.T. department internet service provider Charter is experiencing a St. Louis wide outage. According to LU help desk employee […]