First phase of campus tobacco ban takes effect Monday


Jon Holden | Reporter
July 28, 2016; 3 p.m.

The first phase of Lindenwood’s new tobacco ban begins Monday.

A bill to end smoking on campus was approved by the Lindenwood Student Government Association on Feb. 17 and was later approved by President Michael Shonrock.

Under the first phase, tobacco can only be used in eight designated smoking areas: Hyland Performance Arena, southwest parking lot; Young Hall, northeast side of the building; Guffey Hall, northwest parking lot; J. Scheidegger Center, southwest side of the building; Campus Service Center, west parking lot; Welcome Center, west parking lot; Gazebo, south side of Niccolls Hall; and Harmon Hall, northwest parking lot.

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Smoking Zones 1

Map provided by Lindenwood University

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The design of the bill is to eliminate smoking near buildings and to eventually remove tobacco use on campus entirely when the second second phase goes into effect in a year.

John Bowman, director of security, said smoker who don’t follow the new rules will be issued warnings at first.

“We just want compliance,” he said. “People will usually comply, and we just want people to not smoke in certain areas.”

The ban covers all forms of tobacco, including cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco and any non-FDA approved nicotine delivery device.

Tobacco use is prohibited in all university vehicles, including maintenance vehicles and automobiles owned by the university. Tobacco use is prohibited in all university housing units. University parking areas also are included in the ban.

The ban includes student, staff, faculty as well as contractors, university affiliates and visitors to the university.

Lindenwood will hold smoking cessation classes at the counseling center. Dates and times will be announced this fall.