Twenty One Pilots finish Blurryface tour in St. Louis


Photo by Phil Brahm View of Twenty One Pilots’ performance in the Chaifetz Arena from the pit

Photo by Phil Brahm View of Twenty One Pilots' performance in the Chaifetz Arena from the pit
Photo by Phil Brahm
The elaborately decorated stage on which Twenty One Pilots performed at the last show of the Blurryface Tour at the Chaiifetz Arena.

Devin Durbin | Reporter
Nov. 2, 2015; 1:30 p.m.

While many people were out chasing ghouls, goblins, witches and Katy Perry and her Sharks, hundreds upon hundreds of people piled into the Chaifetz Arena in downtown St. Louis to celebrate their Halloween in a different way at Twenty One Pilots’ last show of their Blurryface Tour, with opening acts Finish Ticket and Echosmith.

The alternative duo, made up of singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, began their set with “Heavy Dirty Soul”, the opening track of their 2015 album, “Blurryface”.

Photo by Phil Brahm Tyler Joseph stands high above the St. Louis audience
Photo by Phil Brahm
Tyler Joseph stands high above the St. Louis audience

The band was accompanied by giant screens that displayed visual effects that ranged from distorted images of the duo to random colors that matched their album cover. About a quarter of the way through the set after playing hits such as “Stressed Out” “Migraine” and “House of Gold”, Joseph stopped long enough to play a short rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” where he told everyone in the crowd about how he was happy to be ending this tour in St. Louis.

“I couldn’t help but fall in love with every single person that’s come to these shows,” he announced to the crowd, followed by performances of “Lane Boy” and the ukulele-driven “The Judge”.

Twenty One Pilots threw the St. Louis audience for a loop with a medley of some of their earlier work, including “The Pantaloon”, “Semi-Automatic”, “Forest”, “Screen”, “Ode to Sleep” and “Addict with a Pen” before tearing through their next couple of songs, which saw Joseph and Dun standing on platforms being held up in the pit by concertgoers. Toward the end of the show after performing other favorites such as “Holding on to You”, “Ride” and “Tear in my Heart”. The band ripped into one of their most popular tracks, “Car Radio”. Before the song’s climax, the lights went out and Joseph ran offstage to the back of the pit and climbed a two-story ladder onto a platform above the crowd. He took off his signature ski mask and finished the song before climbing back down and throws into the crowd, where a fan was able to grab ahold of the ski mask.

Evident from a bet the duo made involving a fan poll to decide which one of them had to have the other’s name tattooed on his leg or Joseph admitting that he is a shy guy who would never be on the stage if it were not for Dun, what allows Twenty One Pilots to stand out is their friendship, heart and willingness to break molds.

The band will return to St. Louis at the Scottrade Center next summer.