LU dissolves department, drops major

LU dissolves department, drops major

Nicola Muscroft | Reporter
From Print [Nov. 10, 2015] | Legacy

Lindenwood University is dissolving its School of Human Services, resulting in the transfer of some majors, the elimination of at least one and an uncertain future for others.

In some cases, the changes happened because of low enrollment, but in others, they are simply part of the university’s reorganization plan, officials said.

The programs affected are social work, criminal justice, military science and aerospace studies, nonprofit administration, public administration, Christian ministry studies and fire and paramedic science.

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The nonprofit administration program has moved to the School of Business; social work and criminal justice will transfer to the School of Sciences; Christian ministry studies will be eliminated; and the fate of the remaining programs is unknown, officials said.

Grant Shostak, the dean of Human Services, said most students enrolled in Christian ministry studies will be able to finish their degrees or minor in that program.

Anthony Larson, a senior, is a part of the last graduating class for Christian ministry studies. Larson said he got an email two or three weeks ago explaining the situation.

“The department needed 25 people to sign up before the semester but were unable to reach the goal.” He said. “It’s not a very popular undergrad ideal… We’re very small, and we’re not making money for the school.”

Many are unhappy about the change, Larson said, especially upperclassmen who put a greater number of years into it and can’t graduate with the degree.

“Though it hasn’t been approached with anger, it’s an upsetting and heartfelt thing,” he said.

Shostak said dissolving the School of Human Services ultimately will improve the students.

“I think the end result is a better education for the students that would provide greater opportunities for learning in the respected fields,” he said.

Shostak also said that the social work and criminology programs were a part of the School of Science before he arrived at Lindenwood, and they fit well there.

“The programs go with forensic science; it would almost be like CSI,” he said.|

Christian Ministry Studies will be removed at the end of spring semester 2016, officials said, and the social work and criminal justice programs will be a part of the School of Sciences at the beginning in fall semester 2016.