Graduates will sit with department at ceremony


Design by Cayla Brown

Nicola Muscroft Reporter
From Print[Nov.17,2015] 

Lindenwood’s December graduation ceremony will have new components, officials say.

Barry Finnegan, the dean of Academic Services, said that he and President Michael Shonrock worked together to discuss changes for the event.

During the previous ceremonies, the information listed was only the students’ names and the degrees earned. Finnegan said the new ceremonies would also include previous degrees and hometown information.

The seating arrangement will also be altered.

Design by Cayla Brown
Design by Cayla Brown

“We had lined students up by degree and in alphabetical order, so a Masters of Arts in Education could be sitting next to a Masters of Arts in Communication,” said Finnegan.

“This year they will be by school and degree, so they will be sitting by classmates. It’s probably nicer to sit by students you’ve taken classes with.”

In previous ceremonies, the deans of each school read the names of the graduating students. This year, Daniel Sweeney, an assistant professor in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship will be doing the task.

“He’s actually read names for the World Cup,” said Finnegan, “he’s as professional as they get.”

While Sweeney will read the students’ names, those graduating will now shake the hands of the deans of their respective schools.
Some are unsure about the ceremony as a whole. Freshman, Ana G. Quirós, attended her high school graduation in December 2014.

“It was three hours of us sitting there and being told why we were graduating, which we already knew,” she said. “I don’t see graduation here to be any different. At the end of the line it’s graduation, there’s only so much they can do. They still have to say our names and get a diploma. I do appreciate the fact they want to change it,” Quirós commented.

The first graduation with these changes will occur on Dec. 6, officials said. Finnegan said he’s excited to see the new ceremony.

“We have close to 900 people graduating. It’s a special event and it should be fun.”

“We’ll see how this goes and ask for feedback from the students,” said Finnegan.

He said the changes will continue and more may be added for the May graduation.