Lindenwood partners with Barnes & Noble


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Phil Brahm | Lindenlink Managing Editor
March 2, 2016; 11:15 a.m.

America’s largest bookseller has entered a partnership with Lindenwood University that will bring new bookstores to both its St. Charles and Belleville campuses.

In a statement released by the university, President Michael Shonrock said the Board of Directors is excited about bringing the well-known brand to Lindenwood.

“Barnes & Noble has had great success running university bookstores across the country,” Shonrock said. “Lindenwood’s Board of Directors is passionate about supporting partnerships that create the best student experience possible.”

The on-campus bookstores will offer course materials in both physical and digital formats, new and used books and a variety of Lindenwood Under Armour apparel, according to the university’s press release.

It is unclear whether Lindenwood will continue working with Book-X-Change, a book store located less than a mile off of its St. Charles campus, according to Book-X-Change assistant manager Abby Edele.

“We’re still going to be open,” Edele said. “We’ll still have the majority of the books that Lindenwood’s using. We’ll still know which ones will be used for which class. We’re going to become a little more competitive, but we’ll still be here.”

Lindenwood is now among 29 other schools in Missouri and Illinois that have partnered with Barnes & Noble. In total, the company is established with 743 campuses nationwide and is the largest bookseller in U.S.

The partnership will officially go into effect on April 18.