National association of professors lifts sanctions from Lindenwood University


Spellman Center
Photo courtesy of Flickr

By Wesley Thomas Reporter
June 23, 2016; 10:50 a.m.

Spellman CenterPhoto courtesy of Flickr
The Spellmann Center is home to Lindenwood University’s school of communications.
Photo taken from Flickr

The American Association of University Professors has unanimously voted to lift its 22-year sanction against Lindenwood University.

The action took place at the national group’s annual meeting Saturday in Washington, D.C. The Committee on College and University Governance recommended in March that the sanctions be lifted.

The sanction was issued in 1994 during the presidency of Dennis C. Spellmann, and was based on issues with academic governance and administration at Lindenwood, according to a university press release.

A censure is the result of the association finding that conditions for academic freedom and tenure are unsatisfactory for a college or university. The list is published to inform association members and the public that unacceptable conditions have been found at these institutions, the press release said.

“The relationship with our faculty, full time and part time, is extremely important along with respective professional associations and our accreditation agencies,” President Michael Shonrock said Wednesday. “The faculty provide leadership with respect to the curriculum, which leads to student success.”

The action happened at the same meeting the university professors also voted to add the University of Missouri- Columbia to the censure list. Mizzou came under fire from the association and its own board of curators for firing Melissa Click, a communications professor at the university, for her involvement in student protests last year.