Climate change inspires fashion students’ designs


Lindenwood sophomore Anna Heinfold designed a dress that represents the melting of the icebergs at the Spring Fashion Show on May 4 at Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis. The show will represent a combination of undergraduate and alumni work.
Photo by Lindsey Fiala

Students’ designs and handmade clothing are being showcased in Lindenwood’s 20th annual Spring Fashion Show.

Assistant fashion professor Nasheli Ortiz is working with program chair Chajuana Trawick to put on the show, one that Trawick said will be unique.

“We are doing a collaborative project with Stephens College where we selected the same inspiration, a global-warming problem, and draped dresses and did fabric manipulation on those pieces,” Ortiz said.

Thirteen students from draping classes at Lindenwood and Stephens will showcase their pieces at the fashion show.

Lindenwood sophomore Anna Heinhold is presenting a global-warming-inspired piece in the show for her draping class.

“I chose to look at the melting of the icebergs,” Heinhold said. “I made a corset top because I wanted it to be structured and strong like an iceberg, and the skirt is made of burned fabric which I dyed blue to mimic the color of icebergs.”

In addition to these 13 students, three Lindenwood alumni and one senior will be presenting their work.

Senior Raven Pulliam’s collection consists of four looks, including a minidress and another with a cape which showcase soft spring colors.

“It is amazing, beautiful and spring-themed,” Trawick said. “It makes me smile every time I see it.”

Pink- Part of Raven Pulliam’s dress from her senior collection that is based on the mineral Agate.
Photo by Lindsey Fiala

Inspiration for her senior collection came from nature, specifically from when she went on an earth-science field trip.

“We went all around Missouri and found different types of minerals,” Pulliam said. “There is this specific mineral called agate, which is made up of fine crystalline layers, and all of the layers are different colors. I really wanted to play on the layer aspect of the rock.”

She became interested in fashion at an early age from looking at fashion magazines.

“I would hand-sew little purses and give them to my friends and make little catalogs by stapling paper and creating little booklets,” Pulliam said.

Pulliam has made clothing for the runway before. Her Tokyo-pop-inspired activewear collection was presented on campus in the fall.

Pulliam is very excited to have her senior collection come to life on models at the fashion show, but she’s also a little nervous.

“It is a little nerve-wracking being the only senior, because I feel like everything is on me,” Pulliam said. “I do well when I feel like all eyes are on me; I feel like I am able to convey my message [through my looks].”

The Spring Fashion Show will take place at 8 p.m. on May 4 at Mercedes-Benz of St. Louis.

Students can purchase tickets starting at $10 at the J. Scheidegger Center box office.

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