600 first-year students make Lindenwood their new home


First-year student Riley Mayne gets help from a family friend as she moves into Rauch Memorial Hall in August 2017. Photo by Kayla Drake.


About 600 freshmen moved onto Lindenwood’s campus today, marking the start of New Student Orientation Week.

Volunteers from various teams, including soccer and cheer, helped freshmen unpack loaded cars and move into dorms. Freshman women moved into Rauch Memorial, Irwin and “New” Ayres halls. Freshman men moved into Flowers, Guffey and Pfremmer halls.

Freshman Alexa DeStefane of Hillsboro, Missouri, said she had mixed emotions about leaving home.

“I’m excited to live on my own and meet all the new people here and get out of the town that I grew up in,” she said. “But I’m nervous about going to class and finding all my classes and getting there on time.”

Transfer student Abbey Kister said she hoped volunteering to carry boxes would help to take the stress off incoming students.

“I didn’t get much help when I moved in, so it’s just good to give a helping hand,” she said.

The volunteers made a good impression on freshman Bailee Schweighargt.

“Everybody groups [together] to help you carry stuff up, so I feel very welcomed,” she said.

Sophomore peer leader Zach Shepard said move-in day was an ideal chance to make new friends and enhance his leadership ability.

“It feels good to fill in the gap and help others and welcome people into our community,” he said.

Director of Residential Life Terry Russell said the day went smoothly and that express check-ins made move-in more convenient for students and families.

“The area coordinators were having a blast,” he said. “I had absolutely no complaints at all from our freshman kids moving in today. That’s a big plus for me.”

Freshman check-in marks the beginning of New Student Orientation week from Wednesday until Friday. Shepard said New Student Orientation should be enjoyable because of all the events scheduled.

A full list of New Student Orientation events can be found on Involve U.