Lion’s Pride Market Express in Harmon Hall opens its doors


The Lion’s Pride Market Express in Harmon Hall is one location where dining dollars can be spent. A decision by the athletics department requires student athletes to use the meal plan with 19 block meals a week and 50 dining dollars a semester.
File photo by Nick Feakes

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Students can now use their meal plans at a new dining location nestled between Harmon Hall’s busy hallways.

The new facility, the Lion’s Pride Market Express, opened on Monday.

Harmon was chosen partly because it’s on a section of campus far from other dining options.

“We think this building gets a lot of traffic,” Dining Services Director Nancy Tinker said. “We think that there’s a lot involved in the school of business, and from a commuter standpoint, we felt that the evening hours of this would be beneficial to students that are over in this area of campus.”

Tinker said students can expect to see higher-quality items in the new shop, which will be different from Grab and Go, a dining option that was in Butler Hall last year.

The pizza that was served in Grab and Go was incorporated into dining options at the Spellmann Center this semester.

“What we were looking for here is something that can appeal to the students, faculty, staff and commuter students, and the need for them to have it open later,” Tinker said.

Also, she said items in the new market will aim to serve more upscale items and will be more consistent with what is being served in Spellmann.

The Lion’s Pride Market Express will offer many of the same things Grab and Go served.

“We’ve taken a little bit of the concept ideas that were at Grab and Go and [added] a little bit more of a [convenience] store feel, so that you could actually come and pick up a candy bar if you wanted or get a specialty coffee,” she said. “It will have beverages, but you can also microwave something if you want it hot. You can get an ice cream. If you want snacks, you can get healthy options, [like] the salads, protein packs and the vegan packs. We tried to think more about all the students and all the needs for faculty and staff, and the menu’s a work in progress, so we’ll see.”