TEDx fashion show garments draw inspiration from climate-change issues


Above is a sneak peek of the garments that are going to be in the TEDx fashion show, all of the pieces are designed by Lindenwood students. From left, designed by Anna Heinold, designed by Linda Nichols and designed by Rachel Jagust.
Photos by BiBi Photography.

ABBY STONE | Reporter

The fashion design department is showing off Lindenwood students’ designs during the TEDx event on Oct. 12.

In an effort to bring a different approach to the TEDx theme, Rise, the fashion show will feature garments that represent climate-change issues.

Amelie Skoglund, a visiting instructor and one of the people in charge of the TEDx fashion show, said that the collection being shown has been popular in the past and was on display at Lindenwood during the 2016 spring fashion show.

“It will hopefully also create some conversation afterwards about the fashion industry and its impact on the climate,” said Skoglund.

[perfectpullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”It will hopefully also create some conversation afterwards about the fashion industry and its impact on the climate.”

– Amelie Skoglund[/perfectpullquote]

Brittany Weiss, the academic technology specialist, who is one of the event curators for TEDx, said that the theme was chosen to inspire the audience as well as get them talking.

“The whole goal of TED and TEDx is people talking and thinking,” she said. “We really just want to create a space where people can just come in and start thinking about new things.”

The TEDx event will consist of 10 speakers from Lindenwood and the community talking about overcoming challenges in life. The climate-change-themed fashion show will happen in the middle of the event, after the fifth speaker.

The garments were made by the students in last semester’s Apparel Design I: Draping class. According to Chajuana Trawick, the head of the fashion design department, the students all used the same muslin, an unbleached cotton fabric, and they had to use fabric manipulation to create their designs.

The students from the class will record videos explaining their garments and their inspirations to be played during the fashion show. 

As of now, according to Skoglund, all of the models are students at Lindenwood University. Hair and makeup will be done by two Paul Mitchell students.

Skoglund said that this presentation is a great opportunity to show the audience what Lindenwood students are capable of.

“[The garments are] all very well made, and it’s not just a pretty garment, but it’s something that has a meaning and was inspired by something that matters,” Skoglund said.